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About Paragraph fonts @ Typekit

The rendering quality of fonts varies greatly between browsers and operating systems, and testing on multiple platforms is necessary. Typekit serves special TrueType versions of Paragraph fonts. These are not embeddable in PDF documents and cannot be used as system/printer fonts on customers' computers. They are not for resale or distribution other than by Typekit servers.

Galette Light & Light Oblique 300

Galette Medium & Medium Oblique 500

Galette Bold & Bold Oblique 700

Sample page

Tenby Four Light 300

Tenby Four 700

Tenby Five Light 300

Tenby Five 700

Tenby Six Light 300

Tenby Six 700

Tenby Seven Light 300

Tenby Seven 700

Tenby Eight Light 300

Tenby Eight 700

Sample page

Mentone Light & Light Italic 300

Mentone Regular & Regular Italic 400

Mentone Semibold & Semibold Italic 600

Mentone Bold & Bold Italic 700

Sample page

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