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Galette™ is a contemporary all-purpose sans-serif for printing and online delivery, allowing the use of one layout both as printed material and online without loss of quality or legibility.

Not only a high resolution printing typeface with extensive kerning, it was designed from the ground up for clear and uniform display on the computer screen. It displays more predictably than the traditional fonts: no overhangs are used, the stroke thickness of capitals and lower case letters is identical, making hinting or antialiasing smoother at any point size and zoom combination.

The hint of Art Nouveau, contained mainly in the proportions of upper case letters, makes the font quite expressive and individualistic. A number of alternative capitals allows the fonts' expression to be turned up or down at will. A generous complement of accented characters (Western & Eastern European, Baltic, Turkish) enables multi-lingual use.

The Galette™ fonts are available for sale at

Galette™ Medium and Medium Oblique are free. Light Oblique and Bold Oblique are US$12 for a single font, Light and Bold are US$18 for a single font. The whole family of six fonts is US$54.

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