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Latest additions
Circula, Diagond
Springsteel Serif
Paragraph Stretch
Tenby Stencil

Recent free fonts
Springsteel Serif™ Extreme
Circula™ Medium
Springsteel™ Light
Tertre™ Extra Bold
Mentone™ Semibold
Galette™ Medium
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Get them all at MyFonts ...
Web fonts/Myfonts
Webfonts now available!
Web fonts/Fontspring
Most of Paragraph fonts
are now available
from Fontspring with a
single licence covering
two purposes: printing
and PDF embedding
(standard desktop OTF),
and web fonts (supplied
as @Font-face TrueType, WOFF, EOT and SVG).
Web fonts/Typekit
A selection of Paragraph
fonts is now available on Typekit for use by web
designers and developers.
Sample pages using the
Typekit technology:
Please note that font
rendering varies greatly
between operating
systems and browsers.
These original typefaces are available at

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